Help poor children

璐瑶 发表于 2017-04-22 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语60词 ]
作文大全专稿! Our school had to give-away activity for the poor kids.Students gave away t... [查看全文]

introduce myself

fxjgy 发表于 2017-04-22 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语60词 ]
作文大全专稿! Hello, everyone.My name is Andy. I am from England. I am 13. I am tall and ... [查看全文]

From your good friend

初晴,夏天 发表于 2017-04-22 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初二英语作文 初中英语80词 ]
作文大全专稿! Dear Amy,  As a your friend,I am writing to take about some things abo... [查看全文]

who I like

哈里森 发表于 2017-04-22 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初三英语作文 初中英语80词 ]
作文大全专稿! If you ask me who I like, I will tell you that he is is LinZhiying.I remem... [查看全文]

Voluntary Work

fxjgy 发表于 2017-04-20 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语80词 ]
作文大全专稿! Yesterday I went to do some voluntary workin the Guangzhou Museum with my f... [查看全文]


未成年 发表于 2017-04-17 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初三英语作文 初中英语220词 ]
作文大全专稿! I like to see people happy, so I like to help others.I joined the volunteer... [查看全文]

English culture

等三生回眸 发表于 2017-04-16 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初二英语作文 初中英语260词 ]
作文大全专稿!     We often say that Chinese culture is broad and profound, so E... [查看全文]

Mystery Of Learning

洛小曦 发表于 2017-04-14 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语80词 ]
作文大全专稿! How do we learn an English article?I guess there are a lot of people who do... [查看全文]

How to save water

fxjgy 发表于 2017-04-14 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语120词 ]
作文大全专稿! Water is very important in our daily lives.But today, there are less and le... [查看全文]

Dogs make the best pets

阳光诗意 发表于 2017-04-13 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初二英语作文 初中英语60词 ]
作文大全专稿! I think that dogs make the best pets.  Firstly,dogs are lovely.Because... [查看全文]

Cover letter

咩咩狼 发表于 2017-04-13 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初二英语作文 初中英语80词 ]
作文大全专稿! Dear Sir or Madam, I am working this letter to apply for the position of th... [查看全文]

Three-year plan

等三生回眸 发表于 2017-04-13 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初二英语作文 初中英语280词 ]
作文大全专稿! What's the three-year plan? This is going to start with our history lesson.... [查看全文]

A word.

等三生回眸 发表于 2017-04-12 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初二英语作文 初中英语280词 ]
作文大全专稿! There has been a word in our class recently. It was said by a classmate. on... [查看全文]

My favorite pet

洛小曦 发表于 2017-04-11 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初二英语作文 初中英语100词 ]
作文大全专稿! My favorite pet, Fifi, has a pair of brown eyes, and every night, its eyes ... [查看全文]

My home

焕颜一笑 发表于 2017-04-11 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语80词 ]
作文大全专稿! Hello!My name is Mary.I live in Hua guo shan.I live in a farm house with bi... [查看全文]

My Own Daily Routine

栀子花开 发表于 2017-04-10 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语80词 ]
作文大全专稿! I  have  a  very  healthy  life.  I  alw... [查看全文]

windy day

fxjgy 发表于 2017-04-10 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语80词 ]
作文大全专稿! Today is a. The weather is cloudyand windy. The wind blows hard. It lets th... [查看全文]

An interesting game

等三生回眸 发表于 2017-04-09 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语280词 ]
作文大全专稿! There's been a game. It's called a werewolf. I particularly like the game, ... [查看全文]

What can trees do

fxjgy 发表于 2017-04-09 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语80词 ]
作文大全专稿! Sometimes, you may say “Whatcan trees do?”. That is really a good question.... [查看全文]

My dream school

fxjgy 发表于 2017-04-09 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语80词 ]
作文大全专稿! My dream school must be bigand comfortable. The students can sit together a... [查看全文]

A Travel Guide of Guangzhou

fxjgy 发表于 2017-04-07 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语60词 ]
作文大全专稿! Guangzhou is agood place to visit. It lies in the south of China. And it is... [查看全文]

My Hobby

未成年 发表于 2017-04-07 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初三英语作文 初中英语80词 ]
作文大全专稿! Everyone has different hobby.Such as watching TV, playing games, watching m... [查看全文]

Let‘s planting trees!

fxjgy 发表于 2017-04-06 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语80词 ]
作文大全专稿! The trees are very useful. Theycan clean the air, they fight with the air p... [查看全文]

Why so many people study English nowaday

likeseven 发表于 2017-04-04 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语120词 ]
作文大全专稿! What is known is that more and more people learn English in recent years. S... [查看全文]

My Dream

likeseven 发表于 2017-04-04 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语220词 ]
作文大全专稿! What is known is that people have different dreams. For example, some peopl... [查看全文]

Why to learn English

蔷薇ッ心儿 发表于 2017-04-02 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语120词 ]
作文大全专稿! English has been the main subject for Chinese students. They have to learn ... [查看全文]

Abbreviation the daughter of the sea

随心浅唱 发表于 2017-04-02 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语160词 ]
作文大全专稿! In the sea, the daughter of six seas-Mermaid.   One day,The youngest m... [查看全文]

The story of corn

随心浅唱 发表于 2017-04-02 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语80词 ]
作文大全专稿! The area was wrapped around the waist. It's my father. It is full of warmth... [查看全文]

A person with a traditional skill

阳光诗意 发表于 2017-03-31 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初二英语作文 初中英语80词 ]
作文大全专稿!   Sun Yinlin is a 65 years old man who is good at paper cutting.He is ... [查看全文]

Mother’s Day

fxjgy 发表于 2017-03-29 [ 标签:初中英语英语作文 初一英语作文 初中英语100词 ]
作文大全专稿! Mother’s Day isthe holiday for our mums. They do a lot of for us. Mother’s ... [查看全文]

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